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We all have some form of talent - the problem is that most people do not use it!

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by kerminator
Time and Talent - 2

We all have some form of talent - the problem is that most people do not use it!

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If you were really interested in developing your reliable talents into beneficial actions in your life then things would be different!

Most people do not understand the How, Why, or Why of life!

Your Eternal existence depends upon how, when and why you become human in your mortal and then learn to use them!

It takes more than just knowing a few somethings to actually have a better successful existence here upon the earth!

It seems that most of the things going on are based upon on line or broadcast, or print materials - most of which are money (profit) driven!
This limits the value derived from any such actives. When looking at most things in life - first you must come to a good understanding of the purpose for whatever! Because only if you can come to understand the How, What and Why of things - it will remain a distant mystery or just a best guess.

Having at times been declared the smartest man in the room = I have had to balance the situation with the true facts to come to a correct summery.
Fortunately having an extensive back ground in my employment career - I been successful.

Having studied Logic, plus a good study of history in many facets of the world - with a good grip on Geography, and then most of the physical sciences!

I evolved into an ace Troubleshooter where in the last years of employment I became a Technical Support Manager! Traveled over many parts of the world to assist young engineers and help find reasons of difficulties and various troubles! This is not to show off - rather it was a method and/or system of ferreting out tough technical problems!

It can be done if you get off the " Popular and Trending " stuff - and start looking for solid reasons and methods {answers} to problems! You can prosper using your talents and skills that were learned on your course of life!

This was not written to show that I was some super person; rather it shows that any person who takes time to learn and apply what they have learned by application in their life!

It is possible to over come tough situations! Stop, Look and Listen!


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