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Common Link Building Mistakes

Date:   5/25/2021 2:52:10 AM ( 4 mon ago)

New website owners are desperate to get good traffic. They know that link building is a sure bet to unlock the door of high traffic. They do not take time to learn about the do and don'ts of link building. They end up getting penalized by google. The same mistake applies to old website owners whose sites remain dormant for long. If you started blogging recently, these are some link-building mistakes you must avoid. They include:

Links With Bad Reputations

You are not supposed to link to every website that closes your path. Ensure that the links come from authoritative sites only. Sites with bad reputations include gambling and p 0 r n sites. Association with such sites will lead to penalization by Google, thus achieving negative results.

Assuming you have gotten perfect links but your site is still not getting traffic, what should you do? Visit and get information concerning your site's performance. You can better the site or even involve professionals to perfect the site.

Paying For the Links

People believe that the more links their sites get, the better the SEO. Instead of focusing on the quality, their main interest is the quantity. Google discourages people from buying links. Google considers those links spammy, amounting to penalization. You should guest post instead of buying them. You can also look for broken links from the webmaster, inform them of the issue, and request them to link to your site.


No matter how desperate you feel about your dormant website, avoid these mistakes. Avoid links that have a bad reputation, such as p 0 r n sites and gambling ones. Avoid paid links since google considers them as spammy links, thus attracting a penalty. Always go for high-quality links through allowed ways.


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