Some things we will not fully understand here and now! by kerminator .....

Looking back over my life, I now see that not evrything that I experienced or saw was always exactly what I may have thought it to be the time. The quote “And the truth shall set you free.” comes from the Bible, John 8:32. ... The truth is meant to represent Christianity, God, or Jesus which will set you free from worldly impediments such as sin, misery, or ignorance.

Date:   5/16/2021 4:21:40 PM ( 72 d ago)

Our life in the here and now is based upon several different things. Generally, your experiences and or direct efforts are the key impressions in our life!

There are always several different elements in our lives that guide or give us direction! Our position is to filter, and seek the truth in these matters!

Learning how to interpret the elements and happenings in our day-to-day happenings is key to our existence, both past, and present! This is the setting of our existence in the here and now!

What we should learn is that there is an ongoing war in our minds as to who, what, and when. Because there are actually (2) two different spiritual forces at work here.

One is mainly prevalent only out to impress self-centeredness and greed or the desire to gain MORE in your earthly existence! This is the key role of the world. Just stop and look at history and the modern world of advertising and attention-getters. The world of control and domination!

Yet, on the other side, we can find a balanced, none evasive answer to all the world's ways and wonders. Which is The Freedom of Choice which leads to the whole truth! Therefore, you should be able to sense and see a big difference.

Here is the short version of the world system! If you are confused just stop back as we divulge the whole truth!


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