Piling it on in the Covid years by Karlin .....

An adventure - an unbroken string of medically disabling insults were thrown at me over these past three years.

Date:   4/10/2021 6:13:15 PM ( 23 mon ago)

It started, in ernest with real disabling pains, about three years ago.

 I was disappointed all the more by the fact that I was preparing to delve into a music studio project, and the pain stopped me. It was no big deal, just my home studio and my own songs, and I play all the parts, but it was something for me to really chew on, and that is where I thrive.

  That first one was a hernia, needing a ssurgical repair. Hernias do not always cause pain, but this one had trapped a nerve and it felt like my toddler had just knee'd me in the knackers again. As in "an elephant is standing on my left testicle" -whenever I was on my feet for about 20 minutes.


  That surgery went well, I recovered well over the next few months, Meanwhile, I had discovered TWO CANCERS on my face, one on each side of my nose. Two biopsies, three surgeries, almost got it all [arrggg, it is never over].


  By that time almost two years had gone by, with no chance of doing much in the studio due to pains. Singing and playing woodwind instruments really brings out any abdominal pains, like hernia. Or headaches.


 By that time I had also gone for an eye exam - my first one ever, at age 62+

 They discovered a bleeding retina, low angle glaucoma, and DOUBLE VJSION. I knew it was getting harder to focus, I didn't realize my left eye was pointing off to the side!!


  The problems triggered headaches, the cures [glasses]triggered headaches. The glases had prisims to correct the double vision.Trigeminal Neuralgia ["worst pain known to modern medicine"] was hitting me every other day by then!!


 Hearing aid too.


Then, just as my studio gear was all repaired, and the last cancer surgery done, the hernia healed nicely...MY ARM WENT DEAD. Well, not "dead" dead, just semi-parlyased. No pain though, just useless. Frustration to learn theleft hand dominance thing - I still drop everything twice before I get hold of it.


THEN FOUR DAYS LATER MY RIGHT LEG did the same sort of thing, weak and useless... except the leg was producing  severe pains - kept me awake the first two nights, not a wink if sleep due to pain.


  It is still very painful, and the arm and hand are still semi-useless [as in "compketely useless to a musician"]


   Whats next? It will take a few months to kmow if my limbs will ever recover without surgery. This summer is going to pass by in all it's glory, without my participation...


  And it was all in the Time of Covid!! And it was all ON TOP OF THE CHRONIC PAIN and FATIGUE of Fibromyalgia. And my GP went bonkers and quit prescribing my morphine, so that added some angst!!

But I am missing something.,,. hmmm - next time!!


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