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Date:   3/22/2021 4:39:11 PM ( 85 d ago)

In a World filled with Digital Clutter and Sponsored Ads/Content everywhere.
Memes marketing are emerging because of the new attention space which is capturing youth's attention and keeping them engaged.

This digital generation spends longer with memes than themselves.

This is how we inherit the image and complete the Brand-People connect by using Meme Advertising to open a fresh new world of online attention for brands.

Meme Creation + Meme Amplification

The process starts with a basic scan of the brand's Social Media handles, a post that we dig deep to look for the "Cultural Intelligence" within the concerned industry so we will develop a reference to the brand's audience through our psychology driven memes.
The Meme content created is seeded into social media through our army of meme pages with a complete Reach of 100 Million + to attach with your audience.



More Visit: http://www.codevariac.com/
Meme Marketing


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