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Developing your brain for better intelligence and usage!

Date:   2/26/2021 4:51:15 PM ( 80 d ago)

We have easy access to all kinds of information. The only way to stay ahead and be successful in life is to continue to attempt to get smarter and keep learning.

To some, this comes naturally to develop the ability to grasp complex concepts does not take much effort. Just because you're not naturally a "genius" doesn't mean you can't develop your intelligence through effort and dedication, though.

Studies repeatedly show that you can make yourself smarter. High intelligence is nothing more than a great ability for pattern recognition and problem-solving, all of which are trainable.

The brain needs to work out similarly to how you exercise your physical muscles. Rigorous training, rest, and consistency will help you to improve your intelligence.

Unless you learn how to develop your brainpower then raise your intelligence Quota {IQ} success is limited!

Less enlightened people tend to make up approx 80% of the world population. They just seem to wander thru life looking for the best they can find. This is how almost all of the animal kingdom on earth operates - seeking food, sex and shelter. It is operational but with wide gaps as far as the system goes. Yet most in that capacity has ever developed, manufactured or designed any of the modern devices of today!

Design is a major part of developing tools, utilizing new items based upon the laws of nature has been used by the more intelligent people! This is where many people with less ambition miss the boat due to being easily satisfied with the mundane things in life!

If you have ever noticed that most people tend to be mere followers and users. Thus they
have become are the cannon fodder of the sales and marketing people. I.E. they are sold to and manipulated by the Sales Forces of the world!

The only thing that can and will change is to learn how to better use the system and the marketing people by increasing your IQ.

It is your intelligence folks - learn how to best use it!


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