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Learning that your loved one has a terminal illness can be devastating. You need to prepare for the inevitable, but you also want to spend as much time with your dying relative as you can.

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Learning that your loved one has a terminal illness can be devastating. You need to prepare for the inevitable, but you also want to spend as much time with your dying relative as you can. Here are some tips for making your loved one's final days a bit less painful.

1. Ask About Assets

Talk to your loved one about his will and where he keeps it. If he does not have a will, you should help him write one before he passes away. However, he alone should decide what happens to his various assets once he dies.

You or another family member should also learn where valuable personal items or financial documents are kept. Be sure that you write down all important passwords for bank and credit card accounts. You will need this information once your loved one passes.

You should additionally ask your loved one about a life insurance policy. You can use life insurance to care for the rest of the family after your relative's death. Life insurance quotes are available online, so your relative can purchase a policy before he dies.

2. Find Out What He Wants

Before your loved one's condition completely deteriorates, you should ask him about his last wishes. Does he want to be buried or cremated? If he wants to be buried, what type of coffin does he want? If he prefers cremation, where should you spread his ashes? While these conversations can be uncomfortable, your relative will appreciate that you want to respect his desires.

3. Say Everything You Want To Say

Since you do not know how much longer you will have with your relative, you should make sure he knows exactly how you feel. Tell the person frequently that you love him. This way, you will not have to live with any regrets once your loved one passes away.

Your relative also then realize how much people care about him. Even if your relative is no longer able to communicate with you, he will be comforted by your presence and words. You can even make a video or slideshow tribute to your loved one and show it to him before he dies.

4. Be Honest About Your Feelings

Your final words to your relative do not have to be completely loving, either. If you are feeling confused, sad or scared, do not be afraid to express these emotions with him. He may even be able to comfort you from his deathbed.

5. Take Care of Yourself 

You may be tempted to spend all your energy on your relative as he dies. However, you also need to take some time for yourself. Be sure to eat well and get plenty of sleep and exercise. This will allow you to cope with the situation better. You can also relax with some yoga or meditation.

If you need to vent, try joining a support group for people who are in similar situations. You may also find comfort in a friend who has little relation to your dying loved one. The friend can distract you from the constant pain and sorrow.

You should also avoid inundating yourself with the numerous tasks that accompany a relative's death. If you try to make the funeral arrangements and handle the estate at the same time, you could feel overwhelmed. Before your loved one passes, divvy up the necessary jobs among your closest relatives.

6. Contact Other Loved Ones

You are not the only person who will want to say good-bye to your relative. Contact those from out of the state so they can drive or fly to see him. Make sure to ask your loved one first who he does and does not want to come visit.


A loved one's final days can be emotional for you and your family. The above tips should make everyone feel a bit less stressed. Best of all, your relative will feel surrounded by love and will know that his assets are being handled properly,


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