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12-28-2020 Self Channeling 3:00 A.M.

Date:   12/29/2020 3:53:46 AM ( 26 mon ago)

Humans are the living, breathing connection between Heaven and Earth, Earth and Heaven.
Humans are Spirit-Beings inhabiting a bio-body made from the Earth.
Spirit/God experiences and expresses in the material plane of existence through Its Creation,
of which humans are a part.
Spirit flows through all things, even things humans deem as "non-living", such as rocks.
Spirit flows through Fire, Air/Oxygen Beings, Water Spirits, Earth Beings, Earth elementals.
Spirit flows through Gaia, a Being with a consciousness of Her own.
Spirit flows through all things, through all Matter, through all energy, "living" and "non-living" alike.
It all sings, hums, emits vibration.
Even rocks "vibrate" with Spirit.
It is one vast, ever-changing "hum" of the Universes of Creation
that are continuously expanding, expressing, and experiencing.

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