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Waiting for medical appointments is being "in Limbo".

Date:   11/14/2020 1:15:22 AM ( 29 mon ago)

I have been posting on here almost as long as you have been Cure Zone members - and that TIME has gone by very quickly - so much has happened in the world.

  And then, it sems, something happens that puts us in LIMBO. That might be too harsh a word in it's original useage -"between heaven and hell".

Modern Definition of "Limbo" -

"a place or state of oblivion to which persons or things are regarded as being relegated when cast aside, forgotten, past, or out of date"

 And the apt example given was "My youthful hopes are in the limbo of lost dreams."

 All this is about waiting for medical appointments. It can put one's life in LIMBO. Damned!! I heard recently that "it will be three months until the Specialist can see you".Yikes!! There is some pain invilved - headaches - that will be resolved when I get the proceedure done on my eye.

 I simply went for an eye exam, and found out I have 1] Low angle glaucoma. and 2] a bleeding Retina, and 3] double vision - the dbl vsn is so bad that glasses won't help. Surgery.

   As for the Health Care debate - I will have all three of those fixed up, over about 5 months. There were MANY tests, three eye doctors and an eye surgeon coming up - so I did wait, but I will get it done and the total cost will be the $51 I paid for the first intake meeting, That is before I get my glasses [the final step is glases, that is what I went for originally, lol]. So I stand by "medicare" - at least it gets done. This would have cost $1000s, in the USA I bet.


 I didn't get to finish about the waiting, and now I must go. Sorry readers, but it has been awhile,.

I will be back soon!!




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