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Besides doodling, Eco Art, and reading, I enjoy brain puzzles, not only to stimulate the brain cells but to relax during these stressful times. This brain teaser came out of this month's AARP magazine--yep, I'm old enough to be a member now. The brain teaser is posted here; the answer will be posted in the comments section.

Date:   8/22/2020 4:23:58 AM ( 31 mon ago)


Madame Z Tells All: Madame Zelda saw three clients and used different methods---crystal ball, palm reading, and tarot---to tell each the height of a stranger she'd meet.


1) The clients---Abby, Betsy, and Chloe---didn't visit Madame Zelda in that order.

2) Madame Z told the second client that she would meet a tall stranger.

3) Madame Z read the first client's palm.

4) Chloe went in after the tarot cards were read.

5) The crystal ball told Madame Z that the client would meet a short stranger.

Puzzle Question: Who, according to Madame Zelda, is going to meet an average height stranger?

See answer and how to work the
puzzle in "comments" below.

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