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Date:   7/22/2020 7:09:20 AM ( 11 mon ago)

Crete good educational website is not easy, becuase you need to know what students want to read or how to make them interested in your product. You can see at the internet big amount of websites, but there are only some of them are succesful and one of them is writemyessaysos, where you can buy your research paper, essay or other kind of works or where you can read good educational articles! Over the weekend we added a new feature to website that we hope you’ll like! It was the second most popular request in our user feedback forum: online payments for tutors!

Now you can get invoices by email and pay your tutor securely online by credit card. Tutors will receive funds either by direct deposit right to their bank account or via Paypal.

Our site uses 128bit encryption for all sensitive data and your credit card information is never stored on our servers. It is stored offline at a PCI Compliant data center. Look for the “https” prefix in the URL or the yellow lock icon in your web browser when entering payment info - this lets you know data is being encrypted before it is sent.

Fully integrated payments brings us closer to a true marketplace website. With it come better “credibility indicators” that allow people to make buying decisions online. Here are two:

If existing clients are already used to using cash or check there is no reason to force them to switch over if they don’t want to. It’s optional for now. But it’s a good idea to start transitioning to online payments in the future because tutors will only be able to get reviews and increase their tutoring hours (which is displayed on their profile) by completing transactions online. This will allow them to remain competitive and charge higher rates in the future.




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