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Learn some tips and tricks to growing your fitness network.

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This may sound a little cliche anymore but a strong network is a necessity for setting up a successful fitness community. Fortunately, it does not have to be hard. However one question you may have is, what is network monitoring? Here, we will explore a few ways that you can do so without having to exercise a lot of extroversion.


Maximize on Your Return on Investment


This is one of the most popular ways to do so. You can invest in social media and other outlets of advertising. If you really are more old-fashioned, you can also invest your time and energy in making presentations or dropping off flyers with contact stubs at the end in places such as libraries or coffee shops, go for it.

All of your advertisements should include how your clients can join your network, what kind of charges you have, a way for your clients to refer to your loved ones and that you’re open to any appropriate communities that your clients may know about that you don’t.


Attend Any and All Community Events You’re Invited To


This is particularly essential during the first few months. These are grand opportunities for you to expand yourself and your brand’s name at a faster rate. Fitness is in very high demand these days and almost everyone welcomes a talk with a professional like you. If you can help it, don’t turn any community events down. However, if you absolutely can’t attend every event, make it your goal to attend at least one every two weeks to every month.

Participate in Fairs, Fundraisers and Special Events

Another thing you can do is set up a kiosk or tent at a fair or during a special event. You don’t have to limit yourself to corporate or large events. As long as it’s local, that’s an opportunity to expand your target audience.

If you live in an area that hosts them, you’re also strongly encouraged to participate in trade shows and fitness conferences. You can participate for a free or reduced registration. Whether you’re going to be the keynote speaker or just host a booth, don’t forget your business cards. It may also be helpful to take a clipboard registration form. Whether it attracts a big crowd or not, it’s always an opportunity to expand your target market.

For special events, you can host something like a competition between owners as a charity to a gym. You could also host something like a win for a sports trip tickets, a charity trip such as building with Habitat for Humanity, or invite a Yoga or weightlifting instructor to speak about stretching techniques.


Set Up a Blog for Your Business


Another way to make yourself stand out is to spread your presence and knowledge online. The easiest way to do this is to set up a blog on your company’s site. This should include pictures and details about upcoming community events, your classes and volunteer opportunities. If you want to, you can also include a page about your staff and your members who are going above and beyond. Another thing you can do for your clients is give them an opportunity to share their stories and/or testimonies.

Be aware that if you do to choose to set up a blog, you will be expected to link it to your social media accounts or set up business accounts. You will also need to show at least some consistency with how much you update it. You can make some exceptions if you choose to client recognition. However, chances are, you will probably have something new at least once a month if not more. Once you start writing at a consistent interval, client expectations will remain high.


There are several ways that you can expand your fitness business by networking. The above list is not exhaustive. You will need to work out the methods that are best for you and your clients.



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