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2020 is a good analogy for our time

Date:   12/14/2019 1:03:57 PM ( 17 mon ago)

Well it is here - the year 2020 was used when making projections about "what would life be like in the future".

 2020 is relevent to the Baby boomer generation in that "If this is 2020, I must be OLD".

  My oldest siblings were born during world war two, when everything changed

  My Mother was born in 1920. 100 years ago. She rests in eternal peace now.

  All this has happened during our lives - the world has been turned inside out and upside down, but the scariest part is that we still DO NOT KNOW some very important things, like WHO is really pulling the strings of our world, and WHY - what is their agenda?

   Looking BACK 100 years, Looking FORWARDS 100 years - what kind of world did they imagine 100 years ago when they projected 100 years into the future? Surely not THIS!!

  If, 100 years ago, my grandparents thought the world of 2020 would be such a cesspool of corruption and insane US President Puppets that the Deep State controls, or that the oil economy turned out to be the rope that we hung ourselves with, or that humans would be killing humans at a rate of 1 million per year with bullets alone, plus another 10 million by cancer.... they might have taken a different path,

    But the people never got to choose. We never elected any national leader who was not pre-approved by the Deep State. And all those Presidents and Prime Ministers KNEW but not one of them bothered to inform the public of the facts about who runs the world.

    We could not imagine that the Great Satan really was the USA. The west has NEVER been threatened by Russia - the Soviet Union was just a buffer zone to protect Russia in case of more attacks from Germany or the USA. Hitler was a USA puppet too - WW2 was arranged by Anerica, the furst of many "interference in other nation's elections" and subsequent Deep State control of those nations.

   So much has been done to keep the masses quiet. We are waking up - are you with us?? They know we would rise up at some point, they are readty for us, we don't have a solid plan but we are MANY, we are 99.99% of the human race and they are just  0.01% - and those are the battle lines,,, this is how the final battle shapes up - not between nations but between the Elite Wealthy and the Masses.

    They have kept us from the world we want. A sustainable, free society of people who just want to get along and raise a family and have a meaningful job to do [besides raising a family].  There is no need for all this killing and subterfuge and corruption and competition for wealth. Money, in the world we want, will not be needed - money, or wealth, is just there to "keep track" because the wealthy need that scorecard to be the wealthy ones - without money we will have EQUALITY.

   And that is the BOTTOM LINE - we were all born equal. By the end of our first DAY of life, we are ranked on the scorecard [depending on who our parents are, where we live, etc].

  2020 hindsight,; 2020 forsight. We must open our eyes now and save the world from the Insane Clown Posse with all the money. f**k Money!! It is the WORLD that we belong to, not the economy. 

 EVERYBODY needs to have a place in this world.


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