A Human Design "Cosmology" of The "U-n-i-verse" by Chef JeM .....

I first began to be aware of a seed idea of this cosmology in 1970, years before "Supernova 1987A exploded" and when Ra had his encounter with "The Voice."

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July 30, 2020 -

“In the beginning there where … six Leptons (the second family in the field of five forces) which … divided into two groups, the Electrons and Neutrinos. The Electrons formed a polarity union with the Proton/Neutron and Atomic universe, (so that) our world of stars and trees and you and me could manifest. Everything that we think of as the universe, from the sky above to the sea below is atomic in nature.

The Neutrino, however, is a special case. It is by far the most abundant of all the particles. Atomic material actually accounts for a mere ten percent of the mass of the universe. The vast unseen mass, known popularly as Dark Matter, is Neutrino.

There are three kinds of Neutrinos, the Electron Neutrino, the Muon Neutrino and the Tau Neutrino. They possess an infinitesimally small amount of mass and are manufactured in stars. Three trillion Neutrinos penetrate through everything, everywhere, every second at the speed of light. In fact, the universe itself is a vast Neutrino web/grid. The body of the Child.

The Neutrino is of enormous significance to man. Like everything else, we are constantly being penetrated. Since Neutrinos have mass, as the stream passes through us, through the planet, it leaves off information. It is a data stream and within each of us exist particles which connect us to the stream.” Ra Uru Hu[6]

"Neutrinos are the second most abundant particle in the universe (after photons) … they are at least a million times lighter than an electron.”[7]*

December 13, 2019 - Omraam's teachings validate the Human Design Revelation re: Cosmology. -

"The universe was created by two principles – the masculine principle and the feminine principle – and it can only subsist through the work of both these principles. Contained within the number 2 are all the possibilities for creation, but so too are all the possibilities for division, and as such, confrontation. ..."[5]


In the late Summer of 1970 this blog-writer spontaneously received another "initiation" in his amazing journey through the "end/s of the world" as he knew it then. As soon as he was able to think his own thoughts after the "crisis/opportunity" of this particular "initiation" he silently prayed that both "the masculine principle and the feminine principle" would continue no matter what all else would change. At the core of his being he knew that "The universe ... can only subsist through the work of both these principles." The "initiation" compelled him to barely remember this on a very deep level as "the work of both these principles" was not taught to him in any of the spheres of influence during the first eighteen plus years of his life, Now the beginning of the end of those two nine-year cycles were emerging in his consciousness. The crossing of this threshold continued for several more month until the new Spring of his new life began to emerge possibly likened unto a phoenix rising.

February 26, 2019 -

"The universe is a body ... and our physical body is created in its image."[1]

According to Ra Uru Hu the universe is a womb. It's beginning is referred to as "The Big Bang" which has its correlating connotation to the sexual act of copulation between male and female. Ra presents an explanation regarding what occurred in the "Big Bang."[2]

From the Messenger, Ra Uru Hu

"All of us are in the same field of information as a global community. We are stardust. We were all seeded when the Supernova 1987A exploded and released a huge stream of neutrino information. Normally we receive 3 trillion neutrinos per second over a square centimeter of space and in the 17 minutes following the death of this star we received 9 trillion neutrinos per second over a square centimeter. From a visionary point of view this star, as it died, gave all of us its last bits of information. It's a wonderful thing. The most beautiful thing for me in physics is the recognition that the neutrino stream that penetrates me, not only changes me, but I change it, just as we all do. And this is very beautiful because as it changes me and I change it, it goes back out into the universe in every direction near the speed of light. We all touch thousands of stars with the nature of what it is to be us. They impact us and we impact them.

I was told in my experience that the universe is an evolving entity, a single entity. It is not born yet. We are still on its inside. I was told that there are stars in the universe that are older than the universe. The universe is inside of something, a cosmic womb. The Hopi Indians know that there is an umbilical cord in space that goes to the mother. We are part of an evolving entity that is not born yet, like a fetus. What I was told is that the solar cell that we live in, the sun and the planets around us, that we are the core of the evolving consciousness of this entity, not its personality, but its form consciousness. We are the great measurer of things. We live in these vehicles, fight gravity and measure everything, just like we are trying to figure out the nature of the universe now.

When scientists discover that there are stars older than the universe it will change the cosmology of the universe because this will reveal that we are inside evolving and we do not know the outside. Just like a child inside its mother, we do not know what we are or what is outside of the womb."[3]

Comment: I am so very grateful to have the above "cosmology of the universe" as presented by Ra! It is in the deepest harmony with the original impulse for "The "U-n-I-verse" and that has not been expressed until now! Now I can say - believe it or not - I first began to be aware of a seed idea of this cosmology in about 1970, a number of years before "Supernova 1987A exploded" and when Ra had his encounter with "The Voice." I was just beginning to become aware of the womb nature of the universe and of a sense that there was a much greater wholeness than anyone had ever presented before. That sense and awareness was virtually impossible to communicate to anyone at the time - essentially on the streets in Chicago, Illinois - not within any of the academic or intellectual circles of the day. I wasn't really a writer then. There was no "blogging" let alone a personal computer in existence then. Communication was primarily verbal and I was practically "dumb" with my very feeble attempt on one occasion to try to begin to express (what for me was) this completely secret knowledge.

Now in this moment as i write this I think of "TOMMY" by The Who: "Deaf, Dumb and Blind Boy ..." In the 80's I wrote T.O.M.M.Y. "Transformation Of My Mythological Youth." I don't know if I have the paper in my archives however It would probably work best if I rewrote it from scratch. Writing is a process of re-writing anyway so I don't think matters whether or not i still have that. In any case if I were to re-write my T.O.M.M.Y. it would most definitely include my advance notice of the "cosmology of the universe."

I just did a little more research on "Tommy" and learned: "There was no firm title (when the recording of the album began) which was variously referred to as Deaf, Dumb and Blind Boy, Amazing Journey, Journey into Space, ..."
This is the very first time I am reading "Journey into Space"![4] I always knew that Tommy encompassed much more than what may be commonly thought of in the context/confines of just an individual. "Journey into Space" gives some indication of what all is included beyond the limits of just a boy.

As I reflect back on all of this now I think Tommy may represent an archetypal "U-n-I-Verse"!

Toroidal Loop - "The universe is a body ... and our physical body is created in its image." -

If you haven't heard the Tommy album then I'd highly recommend listing to it. The image of Tommy's body in the mirror is a significant part of the plot. There also is several predatory influences involved which only added great insult to the original injury - an injury to the psyche that I now identify as a "Shock Conflict" rather than use the "psychosomatic" reference that the synopsis of the story line refers to. This can also be referred to as an ACE - Acute Childhood Experience. Tommy had a number of ACEs!

And maybe my "Dumb" state was actually rather perfect - because the greater universal truth is probably truly beyond words!

But is it beyond all expression? ......... How about music? ......... (I think there may be some possibilities here.) And How about dance! ......... Can you imagine a dance of the universe? ......... I have already made reference in another blog regarding: "As the Lord of (my) Dance." (I also recall an exercise I did in a training in Expressive Arts Therapy that gave some expression to the universe.) I think there are native traditional dances that include this theme. If I were an anthropologist I'd research this!


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