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Earth is our classroom. Our lessons are regarding the regeneration of life!

Date:   1/26/2019 4:46:31 PM ( 4 y ago)

January 23, 2022 -

Wrote a journal note a couple hours ago that proceeded something like:
- GU -
"Gratitude University"
with: "Masters of Gratitude"
Offering: "The Science of Gratitude".

Made mention of this to my housemate when she asked me how may day was going. I added that in addition to this expanding gratitude is the realization that: "The Enchanted Garden" is our own Inner Garden of Gratitude that grows as we give more ground to it.

The journal notes on this continued saying: by surrendering all thoughts, feelings, emotions, thought-forms, entities and Beings we give more ground for gratitude to root and grow in us!

Finally said the more gratitude the more levity can lead to good humor. The more good humor the more gratitude! (How's that for "Happiness runs in circular motion"? ; ~ )

January 26, 2019 -

"Brother Abe" friend and I share a "High Ideals" dialogue bi-monthly and in our last session we both shared our visions for a university that in his words has the purpose: "to explore the regeneration of life, to teach in a feedback loop that looks like a living organism, village, classroom that is building, feeding and clothing the school." I immediately concurred and pointed to Cheeta[1] built on a Biodynamic farm that serves as a "classroom" for Cheeta children and adults as well.

More to come!


[1] https://www.curezone.org/blogs/c/s.asp?f=3569&ob=d&c=1


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