The juice fast, Day 6 by Disturbance .....

Finally, a day I'm experiencing hunger - and found a possible solution for my exercise dilemma! Feel free to comment!

Date:   7/20/2016 2:48:57 PM ( 5 y ago)

Today has been a nice day all in all. My tongue was slightly coated in the morning and for once I was actually glad at the sight. A small cup of hot lemon water in the morning, and the juice of 6 pears (about 300 ml of juice but a whole heap of foam). I had happily slept till late so it was already afternoon when I got up to my juicing. I felt my hands and feet were cold, like yesterday and the day before, but the rest of me found the indoors very warm.

I did have an overall feeling of being hungry and kind of craving for something to eat, watching Easy Rider last night didn't help with those food related scenes. I was prepared to keep a close eye on just these feelings today since I felt something coming up yesterday evening, and I'm still not quite sure whether my body is starting to signal a need to break the fast or whether this is a stage I might as well see through. I know I can, but it's another question whether it's of any proper use. I've started to think two weeks of fasting could be good for me this time, but perhaps that is a little unnecessary? If I set up to achieve 12 I'd be at the half point mark here, and I would have to go juice produce shopping only twice more. Perhaps the best idea here would be going shopping once as soon as I get more money, consume those goods, and see at the end of that whether I feel like carrying on for another two or three days or so.

I had an enema today, about 3 liters in. I had suffered from gas yesterday evening and night - no real discomfort, but a clear sign I probably shouldn't leave the flushing until every second day. I also had a natural bowel movement today, so indeed maybe I shouldn't wait until such occurs again. Due to the gas and my changing my flush location to the larger bathroom and not finding a place high enough to hang the pouch to there I had quite a bit of trouble getting the water in. The slower approach was very pleasant for sure, listening to the local radio that made me feel like I was perfectly connected to the real world helping the time to pass more easily, but in the end I just had to find a higher place for the bag so not to spend hours laying there. At about 3 liters I hit a point where absolutely no water just went in regardless of not feeling any sort of a blockage there at all (at this point I know perfectly well the difference between feeling a blockage that will in a moment pass or not feeling it), and I thought to just get up and finish since things weren't moving forward. Afterwards I felt really quite tired, so I juiced a kilo of carrots, added some water, and had it all over the time span of maybe an hour or so.

After this I and my boyfriend tried Pokémon Go for the first time!! It was so much fun and so addictive! We were like total noobs at it not having any clue what to do, but we sort of got the hang of it. We spent maybe an hour and a half walking around close to the house with a relaxed pace, and I have to say the question on adding exercise to my schedule I was pondering yesterday might have found a surprising solution. This way simply walking felt awesome! Also getting out in the beautiful sunshine was probably better for me than staying on the couch as I had first wanted - I had to have a little battle in my head whether listening to my overall feeling should have been more important in this moment than moving my body with any excuse, but seems like I made the right choice.

Back home I had a glass of buckthorn juice and maybe 400 ml of watermelon juice, and I have to add here while I remember that I did have a cup of licorice-berry tea in the afternoon (while the boys had coffee and chocolate cookies, grrr). I also juiced half a cabbage ready for tomorrow. My boyfriend made a big big curry for him and his son (including some of my cabbage and carrot pulp!) and the rich aroma of spices is still all around the house. I must day due to food being more variantly around me today (on the TV and even physically in our kitchen) I've definitely had more of a hard time not wanting to get back to solids this very second. I haven't needed to have a big battle against myself, it's just this hungry feeling in my stomach and the emotional connections these smells bring me. Even my skin smells delicious, what on earth is that all about? I'm serious! So I had to have the rest of my watermelon juice already (another 400 ml), and I still feel like I should have something - perhaps a cup of tea or a glass of buck thorn juice.

So all in all a very positive day, but also a very hungry and indecisive one, I'll keep on checking my hunger level tomorrow. If the same keeps happening, I should probably break the fast in two days. If I feel more content I'll go grocery shopping and carry on. The boys are just about finished with their sauna session, and I'll be able to have my turn alone, in peace, really sweating out everything I can gently loosen up. I have experienced a slight suspicion of a headache since coming back home from the walk so kicking up those concrete cleansing methods this evening is the best thing I can think of. Looking forward to relaxing some more, and enjoying my empty head and complete lack of emotional spouts. This is something I wish I could keep even after I finish - I wish I knew how!


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