day 11 water fast by lovesolvesall .....

water fast day 11

Date:   3/1/2016 12:36:56 AM ( 7 y ago)

I almost broke today.. I have like 100 cuties in my fridge and some blueberries and thats all I could think about. But I resisted and now at day 12 (officially 1.5 hours ago) I am happy I did. I feel a lot clearer and I have a lot more prayers I am asking God about before I want to quit. God whatever makes you comfortable has already answered some questions. Funny how your heart fills with answers when you fast. Any who im pushing forward. Day 12 here we go !

symptoms: white tongue

weight: 130

starting: 146

energy: tired after walking, I did over 10,000 steps today. This is the most active I've ever been on a fast

goal and prayer: Help me to get to day 30 at least, and see where I'm at. Healing mind/body/soul

Loss of old food addictions

New vibrant self raw vegan or raw till 4 vegan

Eyes, better eye sight, healing of eyes due to studying and starring for so long.

Rash on tummy is still there - that the rash is healed

Dry skin healed

Hard thing in tummy healed (not sure what it is)

Living for his will not my will so I can be my best me

Blessing and Love, felt lots of love and blessings myself today, completely at peace for this day at least <3



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