day 5 of water fast by lovesolvesall .....

day 5 of 40 day water fast

Date:   2/23/2016 9:31:32 PM ( 5 y ago)

Day 5 symptoms - energy is good. rash on tummy going away (kinda)

height: 5'5-5'6

weight start: 146
weight day 5: 135.8

weight loss: 10.2 pounds s


spiritual - cut off internet and TV, read books instead of TV, write, do yoga, take walks and

detox - lots of toxins in the form of cellulite, bad teeth, white tongue, hard stomach, feels like ulcer, dry skin, skin issues on legs , eyes get clear

Day 5 emotions - first 5 days were easy but today I feel I am shedding emotional layers as well



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