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The greatest gift that astrophysics gave culture in the twentieth century.

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March 22, 2018 -

"As the ancient astrologers have taught us, ‘The stars predispose but do not determine.’ Yes, the stars exert an influence, but human beings have the power to resist it."

January 24, 2016 -

Quantum physics (the Universe) intercepts the (cellular) DNA via (star born) neutrino stream after it passes through the planetary bodies of our local solar system (as above) and into our Human Design Centers (so below). All of this is integrated with correlations to the ancient wisdom of the I Ching and several astrological systems and more! This is the basis of The Human Design System! It is my divine joy to share understanding with others via complimentary introductions to individuals Human Design.[1]

"Galileo ..., during his trial, is credited with saying 'the Bible tells you how to go to heaven not how the heavens go'."[2]

"The universe is in us! This is the greatest gift
that astrophysics gave culture in the twentieth century."[2B] In 1926 Hubble discovered other galaxies. Quantum physics was also discovered in the 1920's. Quantum physics is the entire foundation of our technological revolution. Our understanding of the laws of physics and quantum mechanics made it possible for our understanding of how chemistry works and that made modern-day manufacturing and technology possible.

November 1, 2019 - Gene Keys - a contemporary adaptation of the I Ching -

Putting The Fire Beneath The Water -

If you have been drawn to the Gene Keys, then you may already know that it is based upon the ancient code of the Chinese I Ching – the Book of Changes. This deeply mysterious book continues to circle the world in many diverse forms. Its most common use is as an oracle – a tool to give subtle guidance in any given life situation. In essence, the I Ching is designed to attune you to the presence of that subtlest inner wisdom – the Water Eye within you.

The ancient Chinese had their own words for the Fire Eye and the Water Eye. They called them the Hsin and the Yi respectively. When used over time, the correct use of the I Ching is a spiritual path in itself.

It will guide you to listen to your innate, silent, intuitive wisdom - your ‘Yi’ (the Water Eye) above and beyond your human desires and longings - your ‘Hsin’ (the Fire Eye). Unfortunately, our modern global lifestyle is so strongly developed around the Fire Eye, that even the I Ching has now mostly become another toy for that restless longing inside us. We no longer realise the level of commitment that the I Ching requires of its students. Like most sacred and magical texts, it has now been taken far away from its original context, and its true secrets lie for the most part lost to modern humans.

This is where the Gene Keys come into play. The Gene Keys are a contemporary adaptation of the I Ching and the Golden Path provides a structured and disciplined means of contemplation on the teachings themselves. The Golden Path allows you to take the Gene Keys deeply into your daily life. It is designed to be contemplated over a period of time so that you can absorb its insights and experience its transformational power.

The advantage of this form is that you do not have to change very much externally in your life. You adjust the teachings to your daily rhythms, rather than the other way around. As your contemplation deepens over time, the living wisdom within you begins to awaken at a new level, leading to unexpected changes and new vistas opening up before you. This is a process referred to as Self Illumination.

As you contemplate your Golden Path it will act as a reminder to yield to life. It will consistently nudge you to listen to the subtle wisdom of the Water Eye within, and it will compassionately assist you to transform the many challenges that come from listening only to the Fire Eye – your emotions and desires. The potential of the Golden Path is to remind you of the secret of alchemy – to put the fire beneath the water.[7]

"Contemplation is not about learning. It is about revealing, unzipping, unfurling."[8]


This quote immediately preceding underscores the perspective of this blog-writer that contemplation is a certain kind of inner dialogue that is most essentially had in silence and in inner stillness.

August 26th -

Offered the following comment at Amazon regarding a book: "Early Christianity and Ancient Astrology":

Much appreciate your thoughts on the general subject matter (even though another individual deemed that is "is not the least bit helpful to any potential reader". I was inspired this past day to search: "astrology for Christians" as I know Christians who reject astrology under the belief that it is contrary to Christianity. Therefore I consider the book in a unique category that in large part addresses these kinds of pre-existing beliefs in addition to whatever specific astrological applications it may have to offer. As such I find it truly helpful to hear personal thoughts relating to the issue/s of belief.

I underscore the truth that: "Astrology has advanced technologically since the days of St. Augustine". I find it has advanced with the advent of the Human Design System that came by way of direct revelation within the last three decades. At that time (January 1987) the revelation spoke of neutrinos as the smallest particles of matter that are generated in the stars and that pass through our solar system, all the earth and all of life on it and that the science validating neutrinos would be forthcoming in the near future. That science is now a well-established fact and it validates the physics behind the impact of the "heavenly bodies" that is understood astrologically.

For the "dis-believing" Christians who happen to be reading this. There is an excellent You Tube on the Star of Bethlehem that you may appreciate seeing. A "gospel in the stars" awaits Christians for their greater understanding! May God and all His Heavenly Hosts Bless You!

Also found this article "Astrology for Christians".[3]

Plus - "About 36,100 results" for "Christian Astrology"!

Attempting to post the following "answer" at a Yahoo page[4]:
There actually are positive astrological references in the bible including but not limited to the birth of Jesus and the revelation of John. I ve blogged a number of times on this general subject including:

Virtually any tool can right use or be misused and astrology is one of those. Also there are superficial presentations made that do not give the depth of understanding needed for genuine transformation. Each of us as Individuals are microcosms of the universe. In other words "As Above So Below" and "As Within So Without". Astrology most essentially offers a view to help us understand how the universe imprinted itself within us both when we were born and when we incarnated in utero. The Human Design System (based on direct revelation) illustrates this.:

What is Christian Astrology?[5]




[2B]Also @ 1:00 into the video:





[7] The Gene Keys And The Golden Path By Richard Rudd.

[8] "GENIUS - A guide to your Activation Sequence"; p.29.


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