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Day 4 of 30 day fast

Date:   1/18/2016 12:24:21 PM ( 6 y ago)

Well today is day 4. I am not hungry anymore at all and no stomach growls. My tongue is white which means I am cleansing now. I have a lot of energy and feel great today.
I didn't do a weigh in so I'll do that tomorrow.

Water intake seems to be craved in the evening so I carry it with me. It would be bad to get dehydrated at This point.

This fast is much easier than others I have done, probably because I know what to expect and know how my body reacts. The first few times it can be scary to feel those body reactions. I'm looking forward to the deep cleanse part of this process.

I am on my last night shift tonight too which is good. I have to always monitor how I feel and energy while working because I am a federal peace officer and I never know when I'm going to need to run lol. So far I have lots of energy and am active. Tomorrow I will finally have time to go to the gym..yay!!

Ok talk to you soon


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