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Day 3 of a 30 day fast.

Date:   1/17/2016 7:25:18 PM ( 6 y ago)

Well it is Day 3 and I feel great. The hunger is down to a dull roar. My stomach has stopped growling and when it does I sip water slowly and it goes away. I had some hot water today which was a nice change and went down nicely.

I feel energetic today and good. I am drinking a lot more water because my body seems to crave it today. It is so important to listen to your body. Today I didn't run, because I am working night shifts right now and it seemed just a bit too much. I will go for a jog on my day off.

I have been using suppositories only when I feel nauseous. Nausea comes and goes sometimes but it is gone immediately after a suppository because the nausea is caused from your body wanting to expel waste. This is more potent for those who have not cleansed in a while. I haven't done a fast for a couple of years as you can see from my former blogs so I will have to be patient with myself.

There are no real signs of cleansing today, no white on my tongue yet but I felt slightly dizzy at seemed to pass quickly.

today I felt really good because I had that familiar feeling of energetic calming that I get when I fast. It came early this time probably because prior to my fast I did a week of pre fast dieting by only consuming fish, chicken and green vegetables....if you do that your body is able to do a pre cleanse before your fast and it is so much easier to get through the fast.

start weight = 290 pounds.
Todays weight for day 3 = 286.
total weight loss is 4 pounds.

thanks for listening.


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