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The most fundamental right relationships with our core being, with the U-n-I-verse and in the world.

Date:   1/6/2016 2:17:45 AM ( 7 y ago)

December 13, 2022 -

"All of creation is nothing but music, a harmony of voices - everything sings. This symphony of the universe, which philosophers and poets called the harmony of the spheres, is a synthesis of all the languages through which the Creator ceaselessly manifests Himself."- Omeraam Mikhael Aivanhov[8]

Comment: This Blog-writer finds great validation, inspiration and more with the above quote! It alone quintessentially represents (most succinctly ; ~ ) all of the Cheeta vision![9]

Initial post on January 6, 2026 -

A noteworthy stream of serendipities this afternoon began several hours ago in my "other office" when I wrote a note with the intention to blog about the: "Triple Matrix" consisting of "The World, the Cosmos and our own individual Human Design".

By now most people probably have at least heard of "The Matrix" film. So the idea of the world as a matrix system is not new. And the work of Richard Tarnas with "Cosmos and Psyche" has been known for about ten years as well (and he was not the first to show that the Cosmos has it's impact on world events). Finally "The Human Design System" has been known for at least two decades.

The thought that caught my attention late this afternoon is in regards to the "Alignment" that consists of the harmonizing of the life that we choose to live in the world with both our Human Design and the Cosmos. After all - our Human Design is a microcosmic imprint of the Cosmos as it is expressed through our solar system!

This thought might possibly appeal to "Christians" who know that we are to "be not conformed to this world". We are exhorted to be "transformed" instead! To truly live in alignment with our uniquely individualized Human Design is to be transformed while simultaneously not conforming to the world! It may seem obvious that non-conformity alone doesn't necessarily equate with transformation. On the other hand a claim of personal transformation that doesn't include a corresponding transformation in one's relationship with the world is "suspect", IMO.

Now as of this past hour a message of Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov comes into my awareness that inspired the title of this blog post. Omraam says: "... it is enough to know how the universe is put together, to know how it all vibrates in harmony, in accordance with the will of Cosmic Intelligence, from whom every object, every living being has received is own note, its own voice."[1] I find this underscores what we are here to align with. The obstacle to this alignment is in our psyche and due to the conditioning that we all have received just by being in the world. And it is this obstacle that needs to be transformed. That is why the "Christian" bible goes on to say "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind"!

Also see: "Closing "The Gap" Between Cosmos & Psyche!"[2]

and "The Whole Universe Is Supporting Our Spiritual Evolution.”[4]

"The human mind and conscious awareness, just like the physical universe itself, is expanding, and with more and more potential all the time."[3]

May 24, 2017 -

Omraam's "Thought for (this) day" says "you can learn to participate in cosmic life.[5] At first I just saved it on my flash drive and then realized this is exactly what I need to share with the rest of the planet and in a number off ways (via "Psyche & Health", Cheeta and here!). Glad I thought of "The U-n-I-Verse" as I find it serendipitous right now to reconnect with this particular blog post's subject having just blogged on Steiner's book ("The Inner Nature of Music and the Experience of Tone") at "My Music is a Foundation For My 'Transforming Art'"[6]

Participating in Cosmic Life is an necessary part of the totality of all that we truly are and therefore a good thing to do! Cosmic life will also be the greater part of "the future that is now" more than ever before as the outer "world as we knew it" unwinds, deflates, expels, and releases itself from its former orientation based on the ancient seven-centered being to finally make room for the fullness of our nine-centeredness.[7]








[7] According to "The Human Design Revelation."

[8] Quote of Omeraam Mikhael Aivanhov in the 2023 Calendar: "The Circle" - Editions Prosveta.


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