I've lost track of the days by Mrs Richey08 .....

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Date:   1/4/2016 8:30:42 PM ( 5 y ago)

Its easier for me to keep going when I only concentrate on the end date Jan 14th I actually have had no symptoms not even hunger which is strange and its a good thing I'm not doing this for weight loss because I've only lost a measely 8lbs lol that would be discouraging I'm staying strong cleansing my body and ready for the reward.I usually take a lot of showers but man oh man my body is a funk factory with all the toxins coming out so I have been showering about 5 times a day no kidding interesting to see what you put inside of you by smelling what comes out and interesting factoid for the ladies your vagina will do some weird things on this fast well a prolonged one no smells just weird things sensitivities and discharge nothing alarming tho I always thought of the vagina as 24 hour self cleaning but obviously not well until the next entry be blessed and keep trying you can and will do it


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