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Some Chinese billionaires 'vanishing' and how I maybe helped with reaching the 'mafias' there.

Date:   12/12/2015 12:45:52 AM ( 6 y ago)

Today's post:

I read an article about some vanishing Asian billionaires. I'm pretty sure we know where they vanished to. :) Some proof finally of what I'm saying. The Chinese media isn't as afraid of the 'elites'--their occupation has been much shorter and less successful. So while they had to spout the party line, they can feel the hands on the reins are gone, so they'll revert back to the truth far more quickly, I think.

In some ways, like worker abuse, the hybrids have been able to press their agenda there (left over training from their grey days, no doubt, since their lives were veritable sweat shops as a grey), but it's also caused those homegrown mafia type organizations to crop up as protection to family, true, but it protect China in general too.

And the Asians while seemingly weak and peace loving, aren't shamed and guilt tripped into not defending themselves by all the 'christian' manipulative crap, so they're fine with being as vicious, sneaky and murderous as any hybrid or their henchman. Unlike us domesticated Americans, or even more so, Europeans.

The hybrids got Mao Tse Tung installed, but the hybrid's corrupt way of doing things didn't sit very well with the native folks. While they appeared to go along, these folks went totally passive aggressive and the hybrids have lost way many people there, more than the rest of the world combined. The ex-greys are insanely adept at mimicking and innovating. So their criminal organizations are honed like a samurai sword, razor sharp and wicked. Incredibly dangerous even to the El-*th.

When I peeked in to see what was going on the other nite, the El-*th were looking for a grey leader to take on the task of convincing those criminal organization to stand down.

Way back at the beginning of my wakening, after I'd finished my masters degrees, I actually had the opportunity to help the group of greys who reicarnate as chinese, which is where most of the problems seemed to be. So I knew one of the higher leaders who used to be here, playing one of their 'gods'.

I pointed out maybe Dah bouyee (total guess on spelling there) as an ex-'god' would come back (they got sequestered from the hybrids on an El-*th world for protection) since he knew all the 'right' things to say to be an authentic 'god' of the Chinese. I offered to pop over there, since travel as a spirit is almost instantaneous, and ask him. The El-*th agreed as they and the greys alliance is newer than my helping them was, so I would be more trusted.

I zipped over and got brought to his area. The leadership tend to keep themselves apart. Any way, I explained the progress of the 'white hats' as I've heard this group called and that they were stalling out there in China, his old stomping grounds. I asked him if he could maybe come back and reach out to these people to help them put down their anti-human ways.

I think he was very happy at the thought of coming back; he hated that the group of greys had to leave to avoid the hybrids wiping them out. He of course said yes, and got ready to go immediately.

I told him, an El-*th would be by shortly to help bring him there. I zipped back and told the El-*th he was waiting. They do stroll the path to come here, but they don't have to, since they can teleport, so one of the high El-*th left immediately. Probably teleported to the base of the new link, teleported up it to the other universe and teleported to the link for the world where the greys were residing and teleported down that link. I'm sure Dah Bouyee was here within a hour or so.

Anyway, I peeked in last nite and the area looked like the Forbidden city, and it was packed with people on their knees bowing towards the central building. The El-*th were standing back at the entrances and watching. I asked where Dah Bouyee was and one of them pointed towards that building which was actually glowing sort of greenish.

I slipped inside and could see people who I instinctively knew were crime lords there at the front of this alter type thing. They looked pretty blissed out. I went behind the curtain, so to speak, and there was Dah Bouyee, clearly focusing energy.

I paused for a minute and he returned to himself. I asked how it was going and he actually smiled (never seen him do that before), and said it was great to be home. He explained that he was replicating the bliss state the greys so love and connecting it to the crime lords, as evidence the gods were back.

Surprisingly even they were still pretty religious to the old ways, and came as soon as those grey's priests called. He was convincing them that they could put down their weapons now, because they were again safe with the gods back to protect them.

Now I guess we wait and see if that works. :)


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