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We are designed to be enlightened and to enlighten the world! That's because in truth we are the light!

Date:   11/30/2015 6:57:31 PM ( 8 y ago)

This just came to me today in the "Journey with Omraam" subscription that I have with the Omraam teaching community.:

"... Humans have to develop new centres, and light new lamps within their being, so that they can cast a ray of light onto the objects and creatures of the invisible world, thereby making them visible."[1]

If you are already familiar with the Human Design System you may know that it anticipates the development of new centers. (I apologize for not having a reference at is time.) In any case mutation is a certainty and it will involve the Solar Plexus Center ~ especially at the 55th gate. (See Gene Keys by Richard Rudd.)

In addition to the importance of centers is the new "light" that we need to generate ~ not only for the "creatures of the invisible world" but for one another.[2] We need to be able to light one another's "fire". Fire is the element in closest correspondence to the human spirit (especially when it is burning the right kind of fuel). There is the phrase: "Burning in the spirit." Also "God is a consuming fire".[3] Consider Moses and the "burning bush" especially since it is one of the very first revelations of the "I AM" presence in the bible.[4]

Dec. 23rd -

"Neptune is the planet of spiritual oneness or dissolution of boundaries ... the most spiritual planet, ... enlightenment ..." It is currently transiting the Solar Plexus Center for most of the next 17 years! "Its entrance into the Solar Plexus is one step in the evolution of our species, that being the rise of emotional awareness, the birth of the new humanity. If you’ve been working on yourself to be more emotionally aware, you might already see it as your contribution to ushering in the Aquarian Age."[5]





[4] Exodus Chapter 3

[5] Quotes are from "The Course in Human Design v.2" by Zeno and Chaitanyo, based on the Human Design System as told by Ra Uru Hu from 1993 to 1997.


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