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Mattk3's help

Date:   11/11/2015 12:51:30 AM ( 6 y ago)

the parasites seem to be moving slower today so I won't have to freak out as bad. my friend is at Mass General and her back doctor told her there's no such thing as scattered parasites. this was a huge letdown for her. and my heart breaks over and over again that no one believes in this disease. when we have so many immigrants coming into our nation, and so much of our food prepared by immigrants it makes perfect sense. there was a Taco Bell in my hometown that fired an employee for pooping in the beans this employee was an immigrant. so we get over the fact that doctors are not going to help us eventually, and we treat ourselves the best we can, and always in the back of our mind we wonder if this will bring us to our death. the suffering can't continue forever we are mortal,we were born and got this disease in an age where doctors wont help. I find mattk3's protocol and life story very helpfull if anyone wants to look his posts up. He was ill for 8 years and now is getting his life back.


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