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if you suffer from fecal body odor and you are looking for a cure, try probiotics, kegel exercises and bulk forming laxatives.

Date:   7/30/2015 3:22:02 AM ( 8 y ago)

First of all i'd like to apologize in advance for any grammatical or spelling errors you might encounter (English is my second language).

lets say i had a stressful day at college and my tummy was killing me. After a quick stop to the bathroom and dropping off my brown boys at the pool (sorry for that) i went back to class only to smell this disgusting odor around me (feces). Even though i was well aware that i had just came from the toilet, i thought to myself that cant be me? i washed and wiped myself extremely well (yes we have facilities to wash your anal area after you go number 2). and i thought this person next to me must have done it.. anyway after that 'person' changed seats i realized the smell was still there... and it hit me.. it was me! i rushed to the bathroom to clean myself again and again. and just thought oh well... i will just skip the rest of my classes and go home. must have been one of those days, right? NOPE, WRONG!
i started noticing an increase in flatulence and i got paranoid that the problem was excessive gas. so i would avoid people as much as possible and sit at the far end alone during classes til finals. now STRESS made is so much worse.. since i started finals and the odor went from something mild to something horrid. being next to me was like being inside a public bathroom. and it got worse from there on.

Steps i took to lessen the smell:
luckily i can smell the odor on myself unlike others.. so i can tell what works and what doesn't
1. needless to say i got paranoid, scrubbing myself down after every bowl movement and going into the shower. like everyone here, that didn't work, unless you already have poor hygiene. and i did do kegel exercises after i read online about fecal incontinence
2. ask mother for guidance like the big baby i am. she said it might be compacted feces in my rectum (i did feel bloated most of the time + incomplete fecal evacuation during a bowl movement) so she gave me her own bulk forming laxative. i did try it. and yes it helped! alot! but once i stopped using it the odor would come back (plus i'm pretty young to be dependent on laxatives so i had to look for other options)
3. went to the doctor and did some blood tests and fecal occult tests (results: everything was normal except for high neutrophils and esinophils high LDl and low HDL) nothing suggested a cause for this problem.
and like any other doctor i got prescribed on antibiotics (worked mainly on the gut). it didn't help. the doctor suggested that i get a colonoscopy and get my sphincter checked for anything that might cause the problem (i didnt really go for it, perhaps in the future?)
4. checked online for solutions:
- garlic capsules
- omega capsules (for my LDL and HDL- unrelated)
- multivitamins
- primrose oil
- cranberry capsules
these have given me either no effect or are minimally effective
went into a pharmacy and just got them for the heck of it.. if it doesn't help it won't hurt right?
1 week into it and my odor decreased for about 80% and i was able to resume a normal life. (i talked to my best friend about my problem and asked her to point out if i ever smelled horrible just to make sure i wasn't missing anything. she couldn't detect any bad smells) although the probiotics did give me an increase in odorless gas.. after 2 weeks it decreased to the normal rate) so i grabbed another brand of probiotics later on to have a variety of good bacteria in my gut ( used one brand (capsules) twice a day and the other (effervescent) before bedtime)

now keep in mind i said 80% recovery, whenever i ate something starchy or about to go to have a bowl movement i'd emit an odor (not as bad as when it started)
so i continued to search online and it hit me. yeast infection! the reason why i'm still suffering is because i suffocated the problem with good bacteria and haven't actually gotten rid of it.

What will i do about it?
going on an Atkins diet (high protien low carb) and starve them off their food supply >:D

hopefully this will cure me 100% and i can live a normal life. I hope that this would help other sufferers out there as well.
i'm a religious person and i do believe that god is out there waiting our prayers so that he can answer them. Don't give up!


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