Nabekurakei in Nara Prefecture 鍋倉渓(なべくらけい) by UtsU .....

Meaning of rocks in Nabekurakei 鍋倉渓の岩の意味

Date:   7/15/2015 10:23:06 AM ( 7 y ago)

Below was quoted from the website of " Solving the Enigma of the Earth "

See also "The True SKY(SORA) Info" ( by Takashi-san) .Many articles that translated "Solving the Enigma of the Earth" of Japanese are put on this web site.

Black rocks like the bottoms of pans are lying about everywhere in the shape of Milky Way.

The reason why the rocks there is black is that Milky Way represents the stars of villains. (Japanese)


When seen carefully, there are a number of rectangle rocks, which

informs a little bad Sirius tells Milky Way is evil.

It may due to the announcements from the stars has been fulfilled, there are lots of split on the rocks.

Are the rocks going to fall to pieces?

In the lower reaches of rock river, the rocks seem to be lying about as long as dozens of times.

Nabekurakei in Nara Prefecture resides near Chojyu Rock(The rock of long life>longevity).









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