Mar rock, the round rock cut in half マールロック、半分に切られた丸石 by UtsU .....

Meaning of the Mar rock(In Austlaria) マールロックの意味(オーストラリア)

Date:   7/12/2015 9:00:16 AM ( 7 y ago)

Below was quoted from the website of " Solving the Enigma of the Earth "

See also "The True SKY(SORA) Info" ( by Takashi-san) .Many articles that translated "Solving the Enigma of the Earth" of Japanese are put on this web site.

It is a very big round rock and the size is around as big as 3m(118.11in)?
The beings from the stars told me the rock shows the earth was divided
into south and north previously.





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