Day 4 of 14 day water fast by Daisylover .....

Water Fasting Journey

Date:   6/22/2015 10:32:42 PM ( 7 y ago)

Hey guys! Here i am on day 4 feeling great. I have actually been incorporating a bit of dry fasting and that has actually helped my cravings do down. Go to the dry fasting forum to read more on it. It's really interesting. I am hoping it will help my shoulder and abdomen inflammation decrease. I had much more energy today than on days 1,2, and 3. My near infrared sauna came today so I spent today setting that up. It works great! I had the most vivid dream last night of me eating multiple donuts. I actually woke up this morning convinced that I broke the fast. My skin is looking great and the whites of my eyes are so clear. My tongue is still completely coated in white.

xx Daisy


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