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Tough Day

Date:   6/11/2015 5:07:48 PM ( 7 y ago)

Brain fog, depression, anhedonia. No fight left. I cut my dog's hair short today and "hallucinated" that I saw a couple pesky critters. Obtained one of my "hallucinations" in a plastic ziplock to add to my collection for no one to look at before it becomes dehydrated and unrecognizable. For the upmpteenth time. She's shedding the stuff that I am combing out of my hair endlessly. I gave her a bath, but failed to take care of all of it. I'm at a point where I'm contemplating giving her away, but I can't. She's been the only thing that has kept me alive. After seeing a dog crying on its owner's tombstone, I can't do that to her. Anyway, it's a little early for her heartworm pill. Plus, if these little monsters just hang in the fur, and decide they aren't hungry, they won't be killed. My scalp itches. Again. As usual. A once-through with the expensive lice comb will yield stuff - unrecognizable. Dandruff, nits, globs of microscopic worms (fungal gnat larvae like to stick together) - who knows. It takes care of the itching for a couple of hours, and then I'm back to square one. Interesting tidbit for today: when a patient accidentally lacerates a finger and needs stitches, docs provide a "digital nerve block" injecting anesthesia in the regions of the digital nerves at the base of the finger. Well today, the little demons didn't like my usual attack with liquid skin so they rerouted and ended up hitting the base of my left lateral thumb. I lost all sensation in the dorsolateral aspect of my left thumb. Within 5 minutes. I thought about going to the ER, but don't want to re-experience the eye-rolling and sitting on my ass on a crappy gurney in a cold room for over 12 hours having been triaged to the very bottom of the patient population that is constantly changing and that has to be seen before me...only to get a bill well over $1K. Gyn update: LMP Day 3. Although the larvae may have a permanent home in my bladder (a silent UTI by U/A dip) they definitely aren't normally hanging out south of the cervix. "Why," you may ask. Well, two days ago I didn't have vulvitis. No swelling or burning. That came today, after most of the bleeding died down. Burns like hell. So, my best theory is that whateverthehellitis likes endometrium. I really hope the buggers aren't swimming around in my peritoneum and didn't take up shop in the omentum. That's a depressing thought. Well, signing off. Life is calling.


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