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The message from atoms

Date:   5/18/2015 8:17:57 AM ( 7 y ago)

Daikoku Rock on Mt. Gozaisyodake in Japan

This Balanced Rock looks like the face.
It opens the right eye wide.
I was told the right eye shows it is looking at the world of subconsciousness.
(I was told the left eye see the real world.)
Therefore the faces which appear on the huge rocks usually open only left eyes and right eyes are usually closed.
The long and short of it they show humanity ignore the world of subconsciousness.
However this rock open the right eye.
It is my first time that I found the rock with only right eye open.
Why is there such an anomalistic face?
Has it come the time when humanity was aroused to the world of subconsciousness by any chance?
It is the good story if humanity were aroused to the world of subconsciousness, but this face closes the left eye.
As the left eye is the one which see the real world, it is the bad sign if we didn't have to see the real world.
The long and short of it the time may come in the future when there is no real world.
That reminds me of the following story.
Both Stone gods(=ISHIKAMI) and atoms have been much discouraged because humanity don't admit that atoms have consciousness however hard they might explain.
As the result of discouragement, they might begin to think , "No good", "Let's return to the original world."
The climate is getting rougher and rougher in these days.
Many flooding occur along the rivers as heavy rain falls.
If this condition continues, the day might come when the left eye to see the real world may become useless.

・Balanced Rocks in the world on parade,ssl


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