Okay Now it's official...Dry Fast Round 4 by caa522 .....

I usually prefer to start fasts Sunday or Monday night but last night I really didn't think it was going to be a go considering what a rough weekend it's been emotionally.

Date:   5/4/2015 9:33:33 PM ( 8 y ago)

This morning I woke up having to get kids ready for school and make their lunches. I got started with with cleaning early to get all the trash out before they came and did the pickups. Had my coffee enema and quiet time. I meditated pretty deeply and actually fell asleep for a couple of hours. After waking up I thought about how good I actually felt. No hunger or thirst. Hmm perhaps this was a good sign to continue with the fast.

Around 4:30 went to the gym for usual sauna (dry only) and run on the treadmill. Running speed of 5.5 has become my usual warm-up for the average 6.0+ the rest of my 2-3 minute intervals with brisk walking.

It's 7:15pm (20hours in) and I'm still dry fasting. I'm feeling pretty good. No hunger or thirst. This is turning out to be like my first dry fast---uneventful and pretty relaxed. I have no expectations or set goals with this fast. I'm just enjoying the fact that my mind is free from any thoughts of eating or drinking. I made organic chicken tortilla soup from scratch for my family and didn't have any sort of feeling or urge to have a taste. No conflict. I love being at peace.

I feel a bit of a buzz around my head right now. Like my cerebral cortex is tingling. It's the same kinda feeling I get when I'm deeper into the meditation. Right now I'm feeling a bit of a burning sensation in my stomach and followed with a grumble but it isn't a hunger/desire to eat. I'll update again before going to bed.

One more thing on the spiritual aspect for my fast. This morning I saw a post from ACIM group referring to a Q&A between Ken Wapnick n another ACIM student. It resonated well with me at this point in my journey. The question had to do with how to live in this world as you are becoming less attached or identified with it. Here was his answer:

"One of the goals for a student of the Course is to become a “happy learner.” The energy no longer expended in the pursuit of worn-out interests can now be spent paying attention to the activity of the mind that is often very busy putting up “interesting” obstacles to the awareness of love's presence (T.in.1:7) in the form of attack thoughts and judgments based on separation. They are the reflection of the mind's fear of fully accepting the memory of God's Love that the Holy Spirit represents.   If we are willing to look   at these obstacles, without judging, changing, justifying or defending them, they can be given to the Holy Spirit to be healed. As Jesus tells us in the text: “If you would be a happy learner, you must give everything you have learned to the Holy Spirit, to be unlearned for you” (T.14.II.6:1).   Engaging in this practice of forgiveness is how we join with Jesus and journey with him to the final goal of his Course"


I'm past the 24 hour mark and on to Day 2.
Feeling some mild hunger and tummy grumblings.
Nothing uncomfortable but I'm tired and ready to get some sleep.

I have a busy day tomorrow and need to drive up to Santa Barbara. Hopefully I can post before I leave otherwise I should be back by noon to do it then.

Good night all.


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