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It's been officially one month since the first day of my first round of fasting. I thought I'd be pretty much done. However, I'm just not feeling quite finished with this process.

Date:   5/1/2015 11:56:17 AM ( 8 y ago)


I haven't been able to update each post as much as when I was fasting. I guess eating takes up too much time. lol.

Well, yesterday I went to the sauna and got on the treadmill 20 minutes. Strength and endurance feels great. Only thing I wasn't happy about was that I started to feel right hip pain. It was mild but after going for awhile without any pain I was very optimistic about being healed. With that pain starting up, it makes me wonder. I also felt yesterday that I had an inflammation flare up. Tendons/muscles are tender to the touch. I used "Arnica Warming Relief" oil and massaged most painful areas (glutes, IT Band,TFL Sartorius-insertion point at knee, gastroc/achilles tendon). I'm not sure why this is going on. Is it because refeeding maybe causing some unexpected healing crisis? Is my body possibly having a reaction to particular food (nuts? hemp seeds? eggs?). I didn't like how things were feeling. So naturally I dry fasted just to give my body a chance to recover from whatever seemed to be going on. I'm 12 hours into the dry fast. I really wasn't planning on going on it last night. I thought I had till Sun. or Mon. to think about doing it. I'll see how the rest of the day goes. I don't want to over think this and get ahead of myself (as I am prone to that. lol.) I'm gonna relax and stay present. Listen to my body. I'm gonna meditate and do a yoga class in an hour. Easy day. I'm not gonna run.

OOhh something to add, I just checked right now on those areas that felt inflamed (mentioned earlier). They are not as painful or tender to the touch as it was last night.

I went to the sauna and yoga class and it was perfect. We did mostly stretching and relaxing. What a difference. My muscles feel lengthened and symmetrical/balanced. Finished off with another round in the sauna. By this time, around 12:30 I was feeling thirsty and around 2pm I had to break the dry fast. That was a total of 16 hours. I don't know if it's the sauna in the morning combined with the hot weather in So Cal but I felt thirst and hunger.

I don't know why I still continue to feel tired and just want to stay in bed. Eating seems to make me more tired or make my body require more rest. I'm suspecting my diet just needs some tweaking. I am trying to up the good fats in my diet. Just had 2T Organic Coconut Oil, chia seeds, almonds, flax seeds.

I found something interesting surfing the web that may be explaining what I'm feeling.

"Regularly letting your blood sugar get super low is stressful on your body and it can contribute to inflammation and adrenal fatigue. Here’s more on that – it has to do with cortisol and epinephrine."

Something for me to think about and do more investigating. Also noticed with those urinalysis stix that I've been detecting low levels of protein in my urine. That's the only thing off. I know there could be easy explanations. The more obvious and less worrisome causes would be vigorous exercising, infection (UTI), and possibly blood or semen contamination. The more serious would be a kidney problem. I do not think it is the latter. But I will wait and see the next few days what's going on. As mentioned earlier, adjusting my diet is first thing. Cutting back on working out or running is 2nd and giving my body more time to recover.


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