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Date:   4/18/2015 1:49:35 AM ( 8 y ago)

My brother, the dentist, had recently attended a continuing educational cutting-edge medicine course in Hollywood, FL. He returned from the course with excitement and news of a doctor, a functional integrative physician, he thought I should contact. He said that this doctor seemed very passionate about his field. I thought, "Great! I need someone to help guide me and help me with remission off the steroids." I called Dr. H, in Jacksonville, FL, immediately. I spoke with Dr. H and he really wasn't taking many more patients, I told him about my brother listening to him, and he agreed to see me.
When I arrived to my first appointment with Dr. H, I had boxes of supplements to show him. He listened to my story and uexplained how everything in the body interconnects- spirit, environment, mental, physical, emotions past and present, nutrition, supplements, so forth.
I shared with him about emotional trauma from my childhood at Disney World but was able to love myself at that age as an older adult, and say to myself "I am here to protect you now". I also explained my 42 weeks on antibiotics during pregnancy and the debilitating diarrhea.

He though 70% of the "pie" to work on with me was mental/emotional, and 30% physical. I wish he had been correct. Maybe I did have issues that could be talked through with therapy, but doesn't everyone, at least most people.
He did some kinesiology testing on my muscles with different supplements. He put something on my scars to unblock energy fields. If only he could have detected what was underlying causing the diarrhea. I have to give him credit for getting closer to the answers than UF.

He had me on a full regimen of immune boosting supplements. I went home with a CDSA kit (Comprehensive Diagnostic Stool Analysis). The findings revealed a high overgrowth of Candida Albicans in my stool, no good bacteria, high eosinophils, charcot leyden crystals, high WBCs. His priority for me was to get the yeast (candida) down. If only he was a mastermind and could tell that the results were highly indicative of a parasitic infection. I even asked him about that potential, but he assured me it would show up in tje test results. Either the Genova diagnostics lab tech looking at my stool was not very good, not very interested in finding anything, or simply I hadn't shed Ova and Parasites in that particular test.

I never thought this would kill me nor my breath of life- my children. It is so upsetting to be happening to me, to my babies. I sense my husband may be unscathed because he has the strongest immune system. He used to say he'd die before me. No, it isn't so.


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