This soft center by gosslin .....

Amen does this soft center remain when all falls and seems to die

Date:   4/10/2015 10:52:45 AM ( 8 y ago)

there is a place
I wish I always held

to call it a place would be close enough
as all potential frequencies exist in all spaces

here it is quiet
and it is soft, with just enough warmth
here my mind is finally used by me
and me not being a slave to it

there is a place
for which I have no name

when I am there I could truthfully say
it is the only place I have ever known
though when I forget it
could not say such a thing as easily

in this place I am loved
as equally I am part of love itself
some may call this crazy
and if this is the small price I may not speak of it
but to it I will return

when the soft glow of my heart meets
the fierce light of our sun
Aries rises and merges with dreams and movement
the quiet lifts inside and things are known
that can only be known in this place

Amen and be with me
be with all of us for we are all here
in this soft center
whether we remember
or have forgotten for a period of time

as time can seem long do we write
do we speak and do we smile
for to those who did not forget us
our tears fall in joy not sadness

and our glad offering is that we
have chosen to not forget those still wanting
who know not for what they want

Amen does this soft center remain
when all falls and seems to die
our strength, love, and peace
let it radiate today as it would



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