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This article explains the cause of food allergies wrt candida.

Date:   4/8/2015 8:38:23 PM ( 8 y ago)

Candida and the Allergy Connection

Another indication of candida is the sudden onset of food allergies. This occurs mainly because of the fungal form of candida residing in the gut, where it has the capability to penetrate the intestinal cell wall via the hypha (fungal form). This gut damage allows partially digested proteins to leak out into the blood from the intestines. These leaked proteins are referred to as foreign protein bodies and are not recognized as friendly host proteins but are, instead, regarded as the enemy by the body’s immune system. As a consequence, these leaked proteins are attacked and removed by the white blood cells concurrent with a large release of histamines, resulting in inflammation, discomfort and pain. This problem is also often referred to as Leaky Gut.

Another reason for allergies arising in the body is because of certain other bacterial infections within the gut, such as active mycoplasma, that are also capable of destroying the microscopic finger-like villi and hair-like microvilli of the inner intestinal wall and thus the gut lining. In the intestines, mycoplasma (a fungus-like bacterium) also has known associations with a large number of auto-immune conditions.

The normally advised method for getting rid of allergies is by supplementing large daily amounts of pre-biotics such as lactobacillus or bifido bacteria together with good quality plant-derived protease enzymes containing bromelain and papain. An elimination diet excluding all foods that cause your own allergy reactions must also be followed. In order to heal the intestinal damage, a full course of supportive vitamins and minerals should be included as well. Unfortunately this protocol that I have just described, although very useful for healing the intestines, will not work very well on its own because it is incomplete. If, as I have already made clear, these allergies are indeed caused by candida as well as by other bacterial pathogens, then providing friendly lactobacillus and bifido bacteria will probably not be enough because certain key questions remain unanswered. This regimen will certainly help to make the intestines healthy again—but will it kill the fungal or disseminated candida form (and other bacterial co-infections) that may have already spread from the intestines into the blood? In other words, do pre-biotics act to kill bacteria and fungi already infecting the blood, tissues and organs? No they don’t, is the answer. Pre-biotics and pro-biotics will only have beneficial action within the intestines. As I have already mentioned, candida and other bacteria may well be the root cause of allergies, so common sense would seem to dictate that you will not get rid of your allergies for good – with no return of allergies – unless you take the proper and appropriate steps to completely eliminate candida and all pathogen co-infections from all areas of your body (not just the intestines) in order to avoid re-infection and return of the allergy problem.


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