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This short article explains the relationship between low thyroid or hypothyroid issues and candida problems.

Date:   4/8/2015 8:24:17 PM ( 6 y ago)

Candida and  Hypothyroid Issues
In my own case of systemic candida, I had no doubt at all that I was also low thyroid (hypothyroid) as well because when I first started to take higher doses of Lugol’s Iodine it made such a huge difference. Not only did supplementing orthomolecular doses of Lugol’s Iodine help to kill pathogens including candida and help to remove heavy metals and halides (bromine and fluorine) from my body, but also my heart arrhythmia and dizziness stopped; I had more energy all of a sudden, clearer thinking; I slept better and all my mucus congestion problems reduced to zero. Furthermore, I am also convinced that iodine helped me to lose excess weight. I have since found out through all the research that supplementing larger dose iodine also has the benefit of making both metabolism and hormonal activity much more efficient. Correct orthomolecular amounts of iodide/iodine are crucial for both the transport and efficient metabolism of fats and proteins in the body, so if you are hypothyroid and these metabolic mechanisms are inefficient then fats will always tend to be stored excessively and you will steadily put on weight, which is what happened in my case.
Needless to say that correct orthomolecular levels of iodine are also needed for the whole body’s requirement for iodine and not just required for the thyroid alone. If you are hypothyroid then your immune system’s ability to protect your body against any pathogen attack will be greatly diminished. Iodine is part of the essential ammunition that your immune system needs to fight and destroy pathogens.
To further confuse and cloud the issue between candida symptoms and low thyroid or hypothyroid symptoms, both these problems can contribute to causing brain fog, low energy, lethargy, insomnia etc. for different reasons. This can be confusing for not only the ordinary sufferer but can also be confusing for doctors. So if you suspect that you have candida, then you should also get your thyroid levels checked just to be sure. You should avoid the TSH/T4 test that doctors usually recommend and insist on having your Free T3 (triiodothyronine) and Free T4 (thyroxine) levels checked instead—because this is a much more accurate test. If you have low energy caused by stress issues then it would, perhaps, also be advisable to have your adrenals checked as well.


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