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For this we walk on. We defy attrition as we have shined in the face of darkness only to smile. For that which is greater than us do we survive what some cannot understand.

Date:   4/1/2015 8:07:46 AM ( 8 y ago)

After my last post I felt the desire to talk about something that has helped me greatly in the past and something that will make or break me in this fast.

We are used to moving outside to get things. We are used to action and results. Close our eyes for a moment and imagine everything outside that we want. The images of cars, time with our children, a hot dog... whatever they may be. They are out there.

Fasting trains the mind whether someone wishes this to be trained or not. It takes away one of the most primary fundamental outlets of what our consciousness attunes to throughout the day. A base instinct so strongly nestled in the nervous system that every creature in existence has this impulse. Ingest. Eat.

Our consciousness only attunes to thoughts. It cannot be the thought itself which is something naturally experienced through increased awareness. No more could we be a thought than an emotion or our body itself. We are a point of awareness that could be said to have remarkable and many implications. It is beautiful and mind boggling.

Many people go to meditate or yoga to learn to train the mind. When one understands precisely what they are training and what goals they wish to achieve, their training is but increased. To learn how to not constantly attune to every thought or feeling but just sit in a quiet space in peace is a blessing beyond what a few words could do justice.

No one can teach another this. Much less, one could really not teach someone anything as we can only choose to learn what we wish to know.

Fasting forces this learning if one goes through it. All learning comes in stages but understanding the willingness to just constantly not attune to the distractions and desires of food for an extended period is a lesson that teaches much more than abstaining from food.

Attrition is important to understand. Some people can fast for only 12 hours and some can fast for 30 days. What is different in awareness between the two? (Note I am not talking about physical limitations etc or dangerous levels of detoxification, only the awareness).

There was a saying when I ran track. "Everyone wants to win when they are not tired." Understanding is crucial in a quest to health of any kind and is only pronounced in water fasting to a highest degree.

We are all tough sometimes and we are all weak sometimes. These things need not to bother us if we are willing only to rest when we are weak and allow for healing.

We have heard, "Begin with the end in mind". How many thoughts or people must tell us to break our fast before we become weak. How much fatigue through detoxification or tiredness found in the initial stages of Ketosis.

Remember this saying by Victor Frankl? "Pain, which is suffering, ceases to be suffering as soon as we form a clear and precise picture of it." (Note I did not look up the spelling or quote exactly but that is saying what I am intending).

What does this mean? I personally see no reason to suffer pointlessly. I do not need this in any way nor do I wish to see others suffer in this way. But, would I be willing to suffer to health? Would I be willing to experience all the joy and suffering that comes with the beautiful fasting experience?

Here is where brothers remind brothers (note this is not suggesting male to male only) of why we stand for what we stand for. We have accepted our lives as a small part in the extension of love. Yet our part is not as small as we may think, for no healing from God could be small. Would we think those who came into our lives and loved us and made us more whole as small? Not in the least for these are our heroes.

We carry their torch which too is ours. In fact it is one torch, shared by God's Love. Anyone able to read this and understand the power of His Children united has memory of something beyond what words can speak of.

For this we walk on. We defy attrition as we have shown in the face of darkness only to smile. For that which is greater than us do we survive what some cannot understand.

Peace and Amen
Brother Goss


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