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Amen to our health and let us not get torn down after periods where the wind that pushed us from behind subsides.

Date:   4/1/2015 7:40:56 AM ( 8 y ago)
=where I am headed 5/1

I continued my journey to health about 6 weeks ago after several months of depression. I had finished a book I had worked on for years only to have it sit only with no one interested in what I had written. I let it get to me and between beer and bad food I went to 25% body fat which at 215 pounds is roughly 54 pounds of fat.

I had never been quite this big but I have been close. Above I posted a photo below of where I ended up and stayed for many years after my last 28 day water fast from 4 years ago. It was not until this winter I let my health decline again, but this is the physical representation of where I expect this 34 day fast to end.


2/15/15 BF 25.2 % , weight 216.5
3/21/15 BF 21.2 % , weight 207.5

(In the primer to my fast I was only 9 pounds lighter on the scale but had added 2.5 pounds of muscle so the total BF loss was closer to 12 pounds.

I got to this step using intermittent fasting which I will go into further on another blog. It is highly effective for fat loss and not nearly as intensive as a water fast. I did this to prepare for what was to come on 3/26

Above the picture taken was after my 28 day water fast where I started at 202 pounds and was 21.5 percent body fast. I ended at 180 pounds and 12.0 percent body fat with very limited muscle loss.

The physical reasons are one of many and are indeed important. I made the mistake a few years ago of gaining body mass to deadlift 500 pounds. I got up to 230 pounds at my heaviest and was only around 17% fat, but the added mass was not something I enjoyed.

I am 6 feet tall and when I was in college I was a track and field miler running 4:04 and was 5th in NCAA's. I weighed in at 138 pounds on most racing days.

I have been heavy and I have been light. I have played all kinds of sports and challenged myself in many areas. Now I am approaching 41 and want to challenge myself just to keep my health. I have always had mad fluctuations from intense periods (aka water fasting) of healing and fitness, with HUGE dropoffs.

Yes I get beaten down. I have anyway, but the past does not equal the future. That is why this blog is called Taurus rising. I am a Taurus (May 20) and Earth Strong is my goal. My dreams in this world are many and they require my health.

The other day I met a man who was 72 and literally running around with the football team I coach and playing with us. He was diving for footballs! Much respect brother.

I want to coach kids and make them great in their minds as long as I can. I want to help anyone who is willing to listen to some of my crazy self, and obviously need a good car to make this trip.

Amen to our health and let us not get torn down after periods where the wind that pushed us from behind subsides.


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