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Liquid Day

Date:   2/10/2015 3:41:21 PM ( 8 y ago)

I'm on day 18. This blog is good to help me keep track of things even if no one reads it. It looks like I may have a couple of readers. I know some days are boring and this is probably boring to read, but it is helping me so I will continue. I am determined to get 120 days of fasting in even if it takes me the whole year! I got very hungry and very tired yesterday. I switched to liquids which only helped a little. I was determined to make it through at least one day of liquids. I did do that, but still very hungry and tired. I would have never made it had it not been for my blog. On this my 18th day I went back to eating. I read my past posts to see if I could find out where I went wrong. My first ten days seemed so easy except when I hit the healing crisis. Even then I just switched to liquids and every thing went fine. I wish I would not have decided to go back to water only when I did. Things have been difficult since. I did five days of liquids with no problems. I should have continued it since things were going well. Maybe it was too soon to try to go back on water. I don't know. Day 18 will be an eating day. I hope the eating days will not last long.


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