Day 26 - Ending A Cycle by exposure .....

Day 26 of my Long Fast 2015

Date:   2/5/2015 9:15:16 PM ( 7 y ago)

Day 26 today, I'm back to report on how the fast is going, I mended for the most part my day 21 painful passing issues, and got my period soon on the heels of that - so day 21-15 I had a small amount of food each day, when I say small, one day that amounted to 1/4 cup of cooked cauliflower & cheese mix out of my bf's veggie pie - I got bad headaches the night before last (the day my period really came most heavily - which is lighter than normal on a fast and took awhile to come) & again felt them coming on yesterday - to give some background on this, I am not a vegetarian, but now live with one & end up eating that way most of the time as a result - something I don't mind for the most part - but having gone this way I've noticed after some time, being more & more veg in my diet problems coming up around my periods, mainly in the form of 2 day long really painful headaches.
So having concurred with my partner who had a very well researched and sporty yogi gf in the past who was also veg, she said the only time she would eat meat was around her period because otherwise she would just get sick - she was very intensley training at the time as well doing a triathalon every day etc...
So on his advice I ate some red meat around this time & true, the headaches cleared up - getting this symptom again on the fast I decided to do the same, and made 1 lamb chop (only thing I really had in the freezer!) - I know chocolate has a lot of magnesium too so I had a few spoons of a good quality choc mousse also - went to bed feeling much better, no headache & now my period is nearly over, also experienced worse cramping that usual & some cramping in my anus which I've been getting from time to time since I moved out to this new house & location - my sister got it too strangely when she was visiting, very sharp painful cramp right through the anus - strange, she wondered if it was something in the rainwater we drink or something in the environment as both of us had never felt this before - I don't know what causes it, seems to be related to wind & maybe also just cramping carried over to another area from the period cramping & the difficulty in passing such dense clay like stuff on the 21st & 22nd.
Haven't had an enema since my return home & that difficult passing because I'm still a bit crampy & sore there but getting to the point where I could & might do that today or very soon. Think I should just keep on the extra 2 glasses of warm water at any rate while continuing this fast - that can only be a good thing - one in the morning & one before bed - it's easy to get a little dehydrated and find my lips chapping when I fast like this but adding that extra warm water makes a world of difference - if it's doing that on the outside, I can only imagine what it's doing internally.
Well - 26 Days, I'm still detoxing, can still see & feel that in the mornings when I rise, a white tongue many days & also can just feel it in my mouth, etc. I have lost a lot of weight - not sure how much because I haven't weighed myself for well over a week as I need new batteries for my scale, I was 12 lbs down last time I weighed myself, I imagine I'm more than 20 down from my starting weight now. I still have another 20 to go which is a bit hard to comprehend - I know I don't have to lose it all on one fast, I probably will though knowing me - just keep going till I see what I want & fit in all my clothes again & then transit from there onto slowly eating again up to the point of doing the 1:1 intermittent diet - it's going to be much more inspiring to see what I want in the mirror when I end the fast, getting older makes it all a bit harder than it was in my 20's & 30's - the good thing about age is that you've become more enduring, resilient and patient, so I'll just have to put that patience into practice :)
Went for 2 kayaks the last couple of days, the weather has become beautiful, warm & sunny again - the day before last I did a pretty big paddle, & yesterday a smaller one up the opposite side of the river until it became too shallow and found a little beach to pull up on & got out & had a lovely swim in the fading sun - I was getting that 2nd day of headaches around then so getting in the water really helped, took a couple advil each day as well as for me my headaches just don't leave if I don't do this.
A bit down emotionally this week - maybe its the period, maybe it's just being alone so much out here - getting on the water was good, really soothed my emotions & that feeling of being sick of doing the same things every day out here while my bf's away at work. It's a bit too much time on my hands if my emotions are like this - feel like we haven't had any real time together to work on my music or any time at all for just being together and enjoyment - it's been a totally gruelling schedule all summer & really for 4 months before that as well - his job was supposed to be 3 days a week, not 5 and we were supposed to have 4 days a week every week here working on the music, looks like that's not going to happen until autumn/winter when the factory seasonal period slows down - then we've been so busy so many weekends driving to the city & working there etc or doing buddhist stuff --- I think we truly need a long weekend just away from it all by now but don't know when that's going to happen!
It is tough waiting to do my music, and waiting it feels like eternally just to have some care-free time with my bf when things are good & we can just go kayaking together or for a walk or a picnic or long drive to some little town, swimming in the creek whatever - I've basically got every day to do this stuff solo - it is a little too much. 3 days a weeks solo would be heaven, 4 days would be pretty cool - 5 with all these weekends not here or free is just kind of gruelling.
Anyway... I need to take this feeling and paddle or walk or ride or pull weeds out of the garden, finish my transcribing, also I want to start making candles so ordering the supplies & researching - and to start making therapeutic puppets for psychomagical work - kind of annoyed my tenants are all paying late so a bit low on cash & don't feel like spending money as a result of that energy dragging but maybe I can make the plans of what to purchase anyway & make a start there. Reading to do - etc, and Yoga... something I haven't done all week though I have been getting a lot of exercise. Sigh... ennui my bf says...
Well, I'm thinking to continue on now with this fast, back to liquids only today - I've had a cantaloupe juice both yesterday & today which is lovely, and made myself some raw cocoa choc syrup for when I'm making a drink that uses that as the one I had has just about run out & no stores around here sell anything decent in that regard - early Feb, see how I am by the end of the month :) Feels good to write in here, keep a journal of what goes on with the fast & at the same time in my life & self, writing has always been a great way to clear my head & emotions, such a powerful thing. Wishing I wasn't so damn crampy still, it doesn't make me feel like doing yoga or weeding, tho bushwalking and kayaking are ok - don't know if I'll do another kayak today, as blissful as I find that - think after 2 days in a row my arms might need a rest - still, I might get tempted by the beauty outside & just go again :) Should really wrap up my transcribing tonight, then tomorow is Saturday, get my bf home for one glorious day, then he works Sunday, then he's supposedly off again Monday (unless they call him in which wouldn't suprize me... )
More soon Curezoners :)
Best Wishes with whatever you're doing on your side!


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