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An update on day 24

Date:   1/25/2015 7:19:28 PM ( 7 y ago)

A lot has happened in the last 10 days - steps back and steps forward. I went to a clinic that tested for food allergies & food intolerances, and was told that fasting the day of the test was okay, but testing in the midst of a long fast may result in false positives. So I while I was debating whether to interrupt the fast or not, an unexpected family event happened & I was not mentally prepared to say no to the food or think up an excuse to avoid the event. I ended up breaking the fast on Day 16.

I got tested on Day 20, however I didn't get tested for specific food intolerances, because the more general tests showed that I have a full system candida infestation and I am very toxic due in large part of ingesting aspartame for years. I am a toxic fungi petri dish. It was no use testing for specific food intolerances because due to the candida & toxins I would have received a lot of false positives. The clinic's instructions are a protocol of probiotics, supplements to help the adrenal & liver & gallbladder, a candida cleanse, and a major shift in the diet.

I asked the clinic about going back to the fast, and the only feedback was that there is a chance of an upset stomach taking supplements without food. I believe a water fast is the most effective & quickest way of detoxing the body, however the primary reason for fasting is spiritual and that hasn't changed. I really believe God is calling me to fast - to put my spiritual hunger ahead of my physical appetites, and quit using food as a emotional and spiritual substitute.

I've spent the last couple of days praying and researching, and I've decided to go back to water fasting, however I will see how my body responds to the probiotics and supplements without food. If the detox symptoms get bad, I may need to slow down the detox by alternating water fasting with vegetable juicing. (I cant have fruit due to the candida)

My family is aware of the test results & the drastic changes I must make, so no more unexpected family food-pushing events for the balance of the 100 days.


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