Start Day minus 1. :) by Tuesday2 .....

Hoping to feel much better by Christmas.

Date:   11/24/2014 1:57:39 AM ( 7 y ago)

It's Monday evening here (Southern Hemisphere) so tomorrow is Day 1. I'll begin at midday.

I'll be taking this juice fast on day at a time really, but I'd LOVE to make at least two full weeks. Three would be spectacular!

I've juice fasted before, several times, and I'm not too daunted by the road ahead. The first and second evenings will be difficult I think, and I have made vegetable broth in anticipation of needing extra warming sustenance then.

Supplies - check. :)
I have two whopping sized organic cabbages, 2 kg organic carrots, two organic cucumbers, organic beets and several litres of organic, pressed cranberry juice to get started with. I also have some kefired coconut water. Oh and dandelion leaves a-plenty now I've trained my husband not to dig them up and throw them out.

I intend using psyllium and bentonite, morning and evening, as I have during previous fasts. I may use other prebiotics too. I have dysbiosis with more severe symptoms this year than previously. I'm hoping to be able to tailor my juice fast to help address my gut issues.

Hoping to feel much better by Christmas.



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