Fasting Day 2: Hiccup in the Plan by journeyembarking .....

Fasting interjection: Something is amiss in the bathroom.

Date:   11/19/2014 3:47:01 AM ( 8 y ago)

Iím not sure what happened. I made it to the 35 hour mark (11:00am) with no food or water. I was feeling okay, no particular hunger or thirst. Detox was about the same with a horrible taste in my mouth and my tongue was starting to get whiter, but still no headaches or anything. Then my stomach started cramping pretty badly and I spent the next two hours passing watery stools. Since I felt that I was getting a little dehydrated before this point with my cracked dry lips and orange urine, this bathroom episode really worried me! I decided to break the dry fast of course with some water and continued to have a couple of more runs to the bathroom. At that point I got really nervous and started drinking coconut water eventually followed by 3 large fruit smoothies in hopes of replenishing my electrolytes.

Should I have been worried? I donít know. It could have been a negative physical reaction to having consumed no food or water, but part of me wonders if it was part of the detox? Was my body just flushing out disease? Iím usually a person that leans more towards the constipated side of things and perhaps my body was intentionally giving me a good flushing? I also wonder if it could have been nerves. Psychologically I had always been taught in my personal life and in my professional life that our bodies could not function without food and water. Mostly I do not agree with modern medicine, but I still had a little worry in the back of my mind regardless of my body feeling just fine (up until the cramping). I donít know what it was, but Iíve decided to spend today Wednesday the 19th and possibly tomorrow Thursday the 20th eating fruit and having smoothies to ensure my hydration and bolster my electrolytes. I will then begin anew with a water only fast. Most of the professional information about dry-fasting is unfortunately in Russian without proper English translation. If you donít understand Russian then you are kind of left alone to blindly navigate your way. I think I will do some more research and try to find out why my body reacted like that before I attempt a dry-fast again.

OTHER INFO FROM THE DAYS FAST: Still havenít taken my B/P, but felt fine in that area. Pulse was 80, temp was 97.7, respirations were 20 and skin turgor still elastic. At the point of ending my fast (after having gone to the bathroom several times), I weighed 245.4lbs.


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