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Date:   10/7/2014 2:39:01 AM ( 8 y ago)

Ok, so I know it's only been a short time, but I am shocked at how little energy the juice gave me for the gym. I'm gonna pray that by the time I wake up, I feel at least a little better. Two months ago I was able to do light weights, but my severe PMS is not letting me win. I am worried that there is something growing in my pelvis. It is causing extreme nausea and irritability. I am so angry the cost of ultrasounds skyrocketed in my area. I should've gotten checked out months ago. Damn our damaged health care system. I could have cancer for all I know. I would never do chemo, but knowing what's causing my discomfort would stop my constant pondering.

The almost full moon isn't helping. Hope I don't lose it tomorrow.


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