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End of day 5!

Date:   9/25/2014 9:48:33 AM ( 8 y ago)

End of day 5.
Well the aches have lessened. I had a relatively easy day of it until I made dinner for my 10 year old. Grilled cheese! Dear lord the smell was so good. I didnít cave but I am disappointed that the bread had such a pull on me. Iím giving it up for gods sake. I never crave bread so Iím just hoping itís from not eating anything for 5 days. I do feel the need to stretch often and some deep breathing has helped with relaxing. I donít think Iím over the hump yet and cruising through but Iím getting there. I mean 5 days! Didnít know if I could do it. I am down 10 lbs so far but donít see any difference in my body. Just excess water. I know the fat and other crap in my body is being used for energy. The inches will come off. One thing of note, I suffer from depression (really crappy childhood and other shit) and I have not felt down or cried since this journey began. I am hoping that later in the fast I will release my pain in a spiritual moment and be able to cast my past aside and live for all of my happy blessings I have now.


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