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Long fast then a fruitarian diet, then another long fast...

Date:   8/27/2014 9:57:31 PM ( 7 y ago)

Have been eating mostly fruitarian or vegan for the past 2 months. Lost around 17 lbs the first month, then it has stagnated this month. Eat too much even though it's better food.
My digestion seems sluggish. Before I started my vegan diet I was told by a doctor I have Diverticulitis. So something is off my my digestion. Fasting would make tons of sense for me right now. Give my digestive system a much needed break and healing.

Going to water fast as long as I can go. But aiming for at least a month. I can probably go longer since I am obese.
Then I will eat fruitarian for a month. After that another long water fast to really tune things up and get rid of most of my old body fat. Then rebuild a healthier body/system for there eating a fruitarian diet.


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