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Water fasting diary for weight loss and type 2 diabetes

Date:   5/29/2014 12:15:53 PM ( 8 y ago)

I started a water fasting journal in one of the forums, then realized that wasn't actually the place to be posting daily entries (sorry!!)... So here I am making a blog instead :-)

I started my water fast yesterday, and it will be my first long fast. I've done several mini fasts leading up to this over the past two months (one 3day fast and a few 24hr fasts). My goal is to complete a 28 day fast. At the 21 day mark, I'm going to decide if I want to continue with water-only, or complete the last week doing a juice fast.

My reasons for the fast are to hopefully reverse my recent type 2 diabetes diagnosis, lose weight, develop a healthier relationship with food and have some relief from seasonal allergies. It feels like my nose is congested year round!!

My weight before my diabetes diagnosis was 274lbs. I'm an 5'7 and female, and this was obviously not a healthy weight. 9 months later, my weight on Day 1 of the fast was 233.8 and today on Day 2 my weight is 230.2.

Day 1 was pretty easy, to be honest. I was really happy I did mini fasts leading up to this fast, because I knew what to expect. It wasn't difficult to ride through the cravings, they came in waves a couple times but it was very manageable. My period also arrived on the first day of my fast (thanks a lot!!) so right now it's hard to tell which symptoms are period or fast related. I have lower back pain and a very mild headache. Last night I was also really cold, and had to set my a/c to 80 degrees, because anything cooler than that was uncomfortable... Usually I like my a/c around 72!!

I'm not sure if anyone will read this blog, but having a place to check in and be accountable seems to help me on my fast. I usually like to check in morning/afternoon/evening for the first few days of the fast, just to stay on track.


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