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Date:   5/20/2014 6:15:22 PM ( 7 y ago)


I will be starting a 60 days juice/ herbal tea fast. I will start the fast on May 21st and fast until July 22nd. Main reason for fasting is to get healthy and reset my bad eating habits and to lose weight.

I have been overweight for the past 5 years and coming this August it will be 6 years.I have no idea, how I gained this much weight. I know that I have some emotional eating problems. I want to stop feeding my problems with food.

I will be blogging daily and posting my weight loss weekly. I am going to remind myself on every blog entry, how important the re-feeding process is, I will keep reminding myself that to maintain the weight loss, I have to eat healthy, 80% plant based diet.

Stopped eating at 5pm estern time on May 20th, 2014

Current weight: 265lbs

height: 5'8

gender: female

goal weight: 185 (weight that needs to be lost 80 lbs)
I will be breaking the 80lb into 4 mile stones, which means 80/4=20lbs
1st goal: 245lbs
2nd goal: 225lb
3rd goal: 205lbs
4th goal: 185lb

I will not be doing any exercise for the first week, then I will start walking 45mins a day.

I just have to get through the first week, then I know I can do this!!!!


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